A betrayed wife starts to investigate her husband’s mistresses. Her jealousy is gradually replaced by curiosity as she makes a collection of her findings about the other.
Directed by: Nadja Andrasev
2019  * color * 13min


In the fantastical animated short-film Sophia, a naïve young woman lives in her own frame of mind but she needs to break free of her illusions and leave her past behind – like old, faded pictures on the wall.
Writer / Director: Zsofia Opra-Szabo
2016 * color * 11min


An enchanting illusion discovered during a bout of night-time snacking, whisks the child protagonist into the transit zone of the boundary region of opportunities and a life locked into time.
Directed by: Eva M Tóth
2017 * B&W * 5min


8-year-old Tilda’s memories of her broken family and the grotesque world surrounding.
Directed by: Viktória Traub

2017 * color * 16min


The basis of the story is a complete human life, taking place in an enclosed space, concentrated into a few minutes. Even though the film has only one character, we do see others, who are actually our main character shifting in time
Directed by: Béla Klingl
2017 * color * 10min


The subject of the film is the process of developing our human comfort zone and the importance of breaking free from it for the sake of our own development.
Directed by: Melinda Szabó-Nyulász
2017 * color * 5min


The story takes place in Hungary during the Enlightenment – a period in which 18th century Western schools of thought had already left a lasting mark on the prevailing philosophical and moral stance. Istók Hany and his attempted forced socialisation precede the stories of literary “successors” such as Maugli and Tarzan not only in terms of time but also as far as the depth and complexity of the moral questions.
Directed by: Roland Toth
2017 * color * 10min


 Antal Kelle’s meditation games, so-called Spielobjects, which can be interpreted as movable, rearranged statues, artefacts, and whose antecedents can be found in Tibetan mandalas. Based on this, the creators used the two statues of Antal Kelle, whose movement, both individually and relative to each other, would be able to map the dynamics of human relationships.
Directed by Karoly Papp Kasa
2018 * color * 5min

The Last Supper

One of the deservedly most famous, iconic paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper is brought to life before us, to fade into invisibility in just a few minutes.
Directed by Ferenc Rofusz
2019 * color * 11min


Radiant, calligraphic visualizations of antique statues and fountains lead viewers on from everyday spatial experience to a sense of an inner space, displayed by the halls of an ancient library.  
Directed by Attila Condor
2018 * color *  8min


Doctor Traum, the impassioned dream-collector, decides to make his enormous collection public and guide audiences through the mysterious world of the subconscious.
 Directed by: István Lugosi 
2018 * color * 3min