The WITNESS – A Tanu

Banned for over a decade for its outspoken criticism of the post-WWII communist regime in Hungary, Péter Bacsó’s ‘The Witness’ has since then achieved unparalleled cult status in its native land. Known as the best satire about communism…

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Set on the eve of the Russian invasion in 1956, Geza Beremenyi’s fable concerns a merchant who”s known as the king of the market for his transcendent ability to transform anything he touches into gold. His abilities are questioned when blood flows through the street.

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X – the eXploited

Who would believe in a policewoman who suffers from such serious panic disorders that she is afraid to get near any crime scene and so has been on permanent office duty for more than a decade? Who would believe  a lone mother who is unfit to… 

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A thirty-something couple decides to save their loving but sexually deflated relationship by simply opening it. They hope to escape the seemingly inevitable cheatings and betrayals that everyone else around them struggles with…

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33-years old Tamás Merthner is heartbroken, after his girlfriend Anna, who is on a scholarship in Paris, breaks up with him. While wallowing in self-pity, Tamás takes a trip down memory lane to figure out if love only exists when it’s practically gone…

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His Master Voice

Our main character, Péter, is in his late thirties when he thinks he recognizes his father in a documentary on a mysterious accident. His father has deserted from Communist Hungary in the 70s, a criminal offense under that regime, and has not been heard of since. 

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The Son of The White Mare

A massive cosmic oak stands at the gates of the Underworld, holding seventy-seven dragons in its roots; to combat these monsters, a dazzling white mare goddess gives birth to three heroes – Treeshaker and his brothers – who embark on an epic journey to save the universe.

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Bianka (20) finds herself drifting in the suburbs without any particular purpose. She has the sudden urge to steal a baby, which she does, but now she has to find a father and a home. When none of her ex-boyfriends are willing to lend a hand, the only one happy to help is Laci (21) who is…

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Egyetlen, zűrzavaros napon egymásba botlik, akinek nem kéne, lebukik, aki ártatlan, és elcsábul, aki hűséges. Nagy szívű, ám még nagyobbakat füllentő hőseink vágyak, szerelmek, átverések hálójából próbálnak kikecmeregni, amibe egyre jobban belegabalyodnak…

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