At the end of the nineties, shocking images were circulated through the world press of the state of local orphanages. These were pictures of maltreated children, after these shocking images were aired, tens of thousands of childless couples flooded to adopt Romanian children. These have since become adults who are desperately seeking out their blood relations…
Directed by: Csaba Lukacs
2019 * color * 51mim


The exodus of Hungarians from Venezuela is gaining momentum. A few years ago, the Hungarian community in the South American country was estimated to be around 5 thousand souls. Today, there are hardly half as many left in Venezuela and unfortunately it is likely that the entire community will disappear. The crew is set to document a historical moment.
Directed by: Gábor Toth
2019 * color * 50min


Miklós Rózsa, the only Hungarian to win three Oscar awards. Ben Hur, The Thief of Baghdad, Julius Caesar, Quo Vadis? El Cid, Ivanhoe, The Jungle Book – all world famous classics! A man who came from a small village in Nógrád country and reached the pinnacle of the filmmaking industry to become The King of Film Music.
Directed by: Tamás Babos
2018 * color * 50min

The senator's Hairdresser

One of the most popular star hairdressers of the United States happens to be a young Hungarian man living in New York. Alex Budai comes to Hungary every three months with the sole purpose of taking part in charity work and helping the poor and needy. Alex feels he must give back from what he got from this country and its people.
Directed by: Beszterczey Judit
2019 * color * 50min