Demon and Eros

Mihály Zichy is anexceptional golden bridge between the Hungarian, Russian and Georgian cultures. His entire life reads like an adventure story. Not only was he on good terms with the rulers, but also those who rebelled against them. He regularly met Turgenev, Goncharov and Dostoevsky. Victor Hugo was his close friend in Paris, along with Franz Liszt in Germany and Jókai in Budapest. Zichy wasn’t born as a favorite, yet it was his fate to become one.
Directed by András Ferenc

The Return of Baron

The  Homecoming  of  the  Baron  is  a  portrait  of  a  writer  always  looking  for  new  ways  to   tell  a  story.  His  work  and  life  are  a  constant  journey,  looking  for  answers  to  such  questions  as   what  are  power  and  subjection,  repetition  and  infinity,  custom  and  crisis. Our aim was to examine-using his inspirations–how his life and work connect to each other. Since his newbook is set in his hometown we focused on the people and places from his childhood that then became an integral part of his novels or movies. As he constantly denies the connection between his life and his fiction our investigation becomes harder and harder.
Directed by Adam Breier
2018 * color * 50 min

Jazz - Symbol of Freedom

The film presents the process during which jazz music, born in the late 19th century in New Orleans and taking America by storm in the thirties, came to represent freedom in Europe, and Hungary, during the inter-war period. The way it was banned by first the Germans and later the Russians, and how the Americans used it as a kind of “cultural Trojan Horse”. Despite of all this, it continued to live on in the urban nightlife scene and gradually changed from being banned to an accepted form of music before its breakthrough in the early 60s.
Directed by Attila Bokor
2019 * color * 52 min

Magda Szabo's World Fame

The 5 October 2017 marked the occasion of the 100th birthday of Magda Szabó. The film focuses on the writer’s international acclaim, foreign popularity and recognition with the use of archival footage. The huge success of the novel entitled The Door made Magda Szabó the most translated Hungarian writer.
Directed by Zsigmond Gabor Papp 
2018 * color * 52 min

Alla Zingara

Alla Zingara documentary tells the story of music’s groundbreaking and uplifting power which creates entity through the history of the world-famous, but uniquely 100-Member Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra and its extraordinary musicians.
Directed by Glória Halasz
Cast: Gypsy Symphony Orchestra
2019 * color * 63 min

Hungarian Voices of Cinecitta

In the history of art, literature and film, it is more commonplace to examine the influence foreign art had on Hungarian works. However, the opposite was true in the 1930s and 1940s. First the Hungarian bestseller and drama literature and later Hungarian film comedies led to the creation of labor of love ‘career tales’ such as the likes of “Tales about the Typewriter”.
Directed by Zoltan Bonta
2019 * color * 50min